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You Have 99+ Unclaimed Rewards...

"You Have 99+ Unclaimed Rewards..."

A while back I was working and my cell phone would not stop buzzing. Every time I started an e-mail zzzzz Every time I opened up my inventory control program zzzzz even when I just got up from my desk to get back to the production floor zzzzz

I went to turn my phone on silent, but something caught my eye; I had accidentally opened a game that I hadn't played in ages. The game gave you a reward of in-game currency or certain items every day. I was greeted by a screen that said, "You have 99+ unclaimed rewards." I said to myself, "I don't play this anymore, I don't need them." and uninstalled the game.

Later, I was reading in Genesis 15 about the covanent that God made with Abraham. Abraham had seen the blessings of the Lord previously as he fought to rescue his nephew, Lot. God even said "Fear not Abraham: I am thy shield and thy exceeding great reward." Abraham knew this, but also knew what God had promised him in Chapter 12, the nation that would come from his seed. Abraham asked, "Lord God, what wilt thou give me, seeing I go childless?.."

This statement describes one of the most admirable traits of Abraham. He was determined to receive the promise that God made with him. I can imagine him praying everyday for the child that God would bestow later on. Abraham did not sit by while his promised rewards went unclaimed. He clung to God not of greed or personal gain, but knowing that God would keep his promise.

Everyday I go through life possibly missing blessings from God because either I don't open up his word and learn about his promises, or I just don't ask. How many times has God said, "Ian, you have all of these unclaimed blessings, do you want them?" We say that it would be crazy to refuse blessings or gifts from anyone, but we skip by them with almighty God. Don't let your blessing be lost in the abyss. Cling to God's promises for all situations of life, and open his precious Word to learn more about what God promises everyday Christians like you and I.

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